Alex Löwy

My elementary and high school studies took place at Kings College Madrid, an English School in Madrid in which I became fluent in English, obtaining during my studies a number of degrees in English language and literature.

I am bachelor in Medicine and Surgery by the Complutense University in Madrid and my post graduate specialist training took place in “Gregorio Marañon” Universitary Hospital, also located in Madrid.

During my Speciality Training I had the opportunity to acquire in depth knowledge of the diverse aspects covered by ENT: head and neck surgery and oncology, rhinology, otology and lateral skull base surgery and Paediatric ENT. I also have extensive experience in ENT emergencies, both medical and surgical.

I was admitted for a Clinical Observer Program at “Sloan Ketering Memorial Cancer Centre” in New York, one of the leading hospitals in the world regarding Head and Neck surgery.

After my training I have been working as a Consultant in ENT at Gregorio Marañon Hospital. Initially I belonged to the skull base team but gradually shifted my activity towards Paediatric ENT, which finally became my passion and which centres most of my activity.

Paediatric ENT covers an extensive area of knowledge applied to children ranging from preterm newborns to teenagers. Clinical practice varies from quite frequent diseases such as ear and throat infections, sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnoeas, hearing loss and benign head and neck surgery to less common and more complex problems such as paediatric airway (managing children with tracheostomies, performing laryngoscopies and bronchoscopies, congenital and acquired diseases of the larynx and trachea, such as laryngomalacia), paediatric syndromes with ENT influence such as cleft lip/palate, Pierre Robin and Down’s syndrome etc.

In order to get a more in depth knowledge I completed a Fellowship in Paediatric ENT in the “Evelina London Children´s Hospital” where I learnt how to manage and treat different disorders such as “drooling”, new techniques for surgeries such as adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy as well as the general insight of working in a world reference centre alongside with the personal development and challenge that such an experience offers.

I have taken part in a number of ENT meetings both national, European and International, generally taking participating in Paediatric ENT sessions.

In my day to day practice I actively work with general Paediatricians and other paediatric specialities such as paed general surgeons and plastic surgeons, neonatologists and paediatric intensivists, as team work is vital for the appropriate management of many paediatric disorders.

Paediatric ENT is not equivalent to adult ENT applied to children, children are not “little adults” and their diseases vary significantly from adults, thus requiring a very specialized approach and expertise.